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About Project

VRChef is my senior project, developed at Graphics Lab of TOBB University of Economics & Technology, Turkey. We developed the project as a team consists of 4 people.

It's aim was creating an unique experience based on VR where possible chef candidates can learn new recipes and improve their cooking skills by praticing on them in a realistic kitchen environment.

We used Unity, Oculus Rift Headset, and Oculus Touch controllers in development.

Main Features

  • Food Manipulation

    • Chopping

    • Baking

    • Grilling

    • Boiling

    • Squeezing

    • Smashing

    • Mixing

    • Also a liquid module used along with features above to make them more realistic.

  • VR Ready Kitchen Scene

    • A commercial typed kitchen scene is used to give it a serious and realistic look.

    • Placed many interactable kitchen equipments in the scene.

    • Drawers, cupboards, fridge and buttons in kitchen scene are fully interactable by Oculus Touch Controllers.

    • Player can teleport to different parts of the kitchen scene.

    • Some specific equipment in the scene can be broken by an impact.

  • Recipe System

    • An advanced recipe data structure which can store unlimited combinations of foods and actions pre-defined in the project.

    • A VR user interface for player to easily create a recipe step-by-step, and apply them in kitchen scene on-the-go.

    • Created recipes can be saved to/loaded from hard disk.

    • A progress tracking module which shows real time directions to assist player along the cooking process.

My Assignments

  • Design and implementation of the recipe system, and recipe creation VR UI:

  • Implementation of a mesh cutting algorithm for realistically chopping food:

  • Preparation of a VR-ready kitchen scene and interactions with scene objects.

  • Design and implementation of baking feature:​



Project started on January of 2018, and took 3,5 months. We used scrum life-cycle for the development. Issues, commits, milestones and source code can be found in the bitbucket page of the project.

During my assignments, I learned a lot about working with physics, implementing new features into physics engine, 3d mesh manipulation, creating advanced data structures, developing responsive user interfaces and implementing features with VR SDKs.

After demo presentation of the project, department jury ranked it as the top project of the semester along with 10 other projects. After this success, the head of department arranged a trailer video to use it as an introduction to the department. (Ref: the video on the header)


Final demo can be seen below:

Development Team


M. Ertuğrul GÜNGÖR

Seçil USTA

Fatma ASAL