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About Project

Project Borealis is a fan-made interpretation of the Half-Life 2: Episode 3 story based on the plot laid out by former lead Half-Life 2 writer Marc Laidlaw.


The goal is to provide the best representation of Marc’s conclusion to HL2’s episodic content in line with what has come to be expected from the HL series. The team aims to bring the Half-Life universe into a modern development setting with improved graphics while retaining the original style and feel of Half-Life 2.

To keep up with modern technology and to make a more efficient pipeline for development, Unreal Engine 4 is opted to use. We're currently using gitlab for repository, issue and milestone management. We're also using Git LFS for project's large file structure. Programming is made with C++ instead of blueprint system of the engine to get maximum performance results.

After the application process, I joined to programming team in May 2018, and contributed to project for 5 months. I think the project was a good opportunity for me to practice my C++ & game development skills.

My Contributions

  • Logic Implementation of Gravity Gun

  • Saw Blade Penetration System for Gravity Gun

  • Improved Weapon Recoil System

  • View punch camera effect for weapons

  • Physical Object Implementations (Explosives, destructibles, gravity gun/physical object interactions, bullet/physical object interactions, explosive/physical object interactions)

  • Lots of bug fixes during the development

Showcase of My Contributions:

Half-Life Noclip Documentary Featuring Project Borealis:

Starting from 1:27:00, some part of my work can be seen in the documentary.